Our Business

Raw materials for iron
and steel making

Core business since the establishment.
Metz procures resources and raw materials from overseas countries, which are rarely available in Japan, and delivers well qualified materials at competitive prices to domestic steel mills, while supplying overseas steel mills with the valuables from Urban Mines in Japan.

  • Iron ore

    Pellet, fine ore, Lump ore

  • Steel scraps

    HMS, Busheling, P&S, Demolitions, Silicon sheet

  • Secondary products

    Billet, Coil, Round bar

  • Ferro-alloys

    Metal Manganese, Ferro-Silicon, Silico- Manganese, Ferro-Manganese, High Carbon Ferro-Chrome, Low Carbon Ferro-Chrome, Metal Silicon, Sulfide ore, Ferro-Phosphorus

  • Materials

    Coke, Quick Lime, Burnt Dolomite, Amorphous Graphite, Carbon Additive, Interleaving Paper,