What we do


    Metz Corporation as a global leading company takes full responsibilities for distribution, logistics recycling of the materials for iron & steel, non ferrous metals, and chemical products.

  • On the world stage !

    Working closely with our overseas partners, Metz procures minerals and materials for steel mills and aluminum alloy manufactures in Japan.

  • Make the flow !

    We are making careful extra effort on the quality control as well as shipping schedule in order to protect our valuable customers from any possible troubles.

  • Reborn !

    Thereafter the raw materials are made into metal products with the hands of our customers and finally become the finished products, all of which are indispensable in our daily lives.

  • Being with you !

    Just as described in the above, you may find “Metz” with your familiars.

    Metz is also engaged in metal recycling projects.
  • Then Reborn again !

    End of life products are so rich in recyclable metal resources that they are called “Urban Mine”. Metz has been developing and contributing to the recycling of the materials reclaimed at Urban Mine.

    Taking advantage in reusing the resources generated during the metal production process, Metz has created unique coolant metal, so called “Excellent Metal”, on our own independent technology.

  • In your daily life

    • Global network system supported by our reliable partners all over the world.

    • Our own plants, warehouses and trucks for the stable distribution and logistics services.

    • Highly skilled and experienced staff in the metal and chemical industries.

    • Our unique recycling business model (Excellent Metal)

    • Contributing to society by recycling

    Metz takes pride in covering all the way from distribution and logistics to recycling for metals and chemicals. This is our strength.