Our Business

Taking advantage of our global networks with reliable partners in North America, Europe, Asia and Oceania, Metz handles a wide range of items related to metal resources and materials for iron and steel making.

Metz consistently proposes creative recycling project with enthusiasm and passions, focusing on research and development for unique and progressive recycling technology and
constructions of environmental conscious
equipment, those of which , we believe,
contribute to the sustainable recycling oriented society with limited resources on earth.

Business flow

Raw materials for iron and steel making
Non-ferrous metals
Raw materials for chemical products
Excellent metal production
  • Mininig

    Mining natural ores.

  • Primary processing

    Processing for materials
    at ferro-alloy and chemical

  • Secondary processing

    Processing for products
    at steel mills and aluminum

    Coolant metal

    Metz recycles rejected
    products during the
    secondary process and
    delivers those material as
    coolant metal back to the
    secondary processing

    Sale of coolant metal

    Part of the coolant is sold to foundries and used in the
    manufacturing process for
    parts such as automobiles,
    construction and agricultural

  • Delivery

    Products are delivered to
    manufacturers and
    finished products are

  • Finished producuts

    Cars, Ships, Aircraft,
    Buildings, Aluminum cans,
    Electric wires
    – Necessities in your daily

  • Reclaiming

    Metz reclaims usable
    materials out of deteriorated
    and obsolete products being available at Urban mines.

    To overseas

    Metz exports ferrous
    nonferrous scraps to
    overseas for recycling